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History 124 William Meier Lecture 4 1/28/09 1) Terms on Board a) England’s Memorial (1688-89) b) 1688 British Reverberations: i) Earl of Tyrconnell ii) Battle of Boyne iii) Irish Penal Code (1) Bishops banishment act, 1697 (extended in 1703) (2) Popery Act, 1704 (3) Catholic elementary and secondary education proscribed iv) Transformation in land ownership: (1) Catholic Share 1700 15 percent 1775: 5 percent v) Protestant Ascendancy vi) Massacre at Glencoe vii)Act of Security, 1696 viii) Darien ix) Alien Act, 1705 x) Act of Union, 1707 xi) The ‘15 xii)John Erskine, the Earl of Mar xiii) The ‘45 xiv) “Bonnie Prince Charlie” xv) William, Duke of Cumberland “butcher billy” xvi) Culloden xvii) Rebellions in Boston, New York, Maryland, 1689 xviii) Dominion of New England xix) Sir Edmund Andros c) War, Taxes, and the Consolidation of 1688 i) War of the League of Augsburg, 1689-97 ii) Peace of Ryswick, 1697 iii) War of Spanish Succession, 1701-13/14 iv) John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough v) 2) William of Orange and Propaganda a) William brought a printing press with him during the invasion to continue printing propaganda via playing cards and pamphlets 3) 1688 British Reverberations a) Questions i) How does it lead to formation of modern state ii) How does it set up international power b) Review from last lecture c) Irish Penal Code i) Bishops banishment act
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Lecture4Hist124Jan282009 - History 124 Lecture 4 William...

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