LectureHist124April6 - History 124 Lecture William Meier...

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History 124 William Meier Lecture 4/06/09 1) Board Terms a) WORLD WAR I i) Prelude (1) End of Diplomatic Isolation (2) Triple Alliance versus Triple Entente (3) Germanophobia? (4) Role of Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey (5) Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, June 1914 (6) German war aims: the von Schlieffen Plan (7) “little Belgium” and strategic concerns of the British ii) The War (1) “Rush to the colors” by volunteers (2) Trench Warfare Nov. 1914-1918 (3) Gallipoli Campaign April-December 1915 (4) Battle of the Somme July-November 1916 (5) British offensive at Passchendaele, 1917 (6) Other theaters of war: the sea, Africa, Middle East (7) German Offensive and Allied counter-offensives, 1918 (8) Peace at Versailles, 1919: benefits and costs iii) Home Front (1) Total war reshapes society (2) End of Laissez Faire 2) Lecture a) Review i) Outsets of “boar” war (1899-1902) is that the British realize they have isolated themselves and spread themselves to thin ii) Shift from splendid isolation to European Alliances (1) British Recognize Monroe Doctrine, so don’t look to colonize Brazil or insert Panama Canal---RELY ON US TO PROVIDE SECURITIES IN AMERICAS (2) JAPAN-ALLY in Pacific (a) JapanRusso war- UK agrees with France to Stay out (3) 1907 British make agreement with Russia over disputed territories b) World War Prelude i) Alliances (1) Triple Entente vs Triple Alliance (a) Great Britain, France, Russia (b) Germany, Austria, Hungary ii) The rise of of German Power (1) Navy (a) UK vs. Germany in a Naval Arms race (i) British took policy of funding so their Navy would equal the next two
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LectureHist124April6 - History 124 Lecture William Meier...

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