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History 124 William Meier Lecture 4/01/09 1) Board Terms a) Leftovers from last lecture i) House Rule Bills (1) 1886: Offered Ireland a subordinate parliament with limited powers (defeated in house of commons) (2) 1892: defeated in House of Lords, 419-41 (3) 1912: situation is transformed by the events of 1909-1911 and by the revival of Ulster Unionism (4) Home Rule and Suspending Acts, 1914 ii) Impact of World War I (1) Easter Rising, 1916 (2) Conscription (3) Sinn Fein (4) Government of Ireland Act, 1920 (5) Guerilla warfare against the Royal Irish Constabulary (6) Anglo-Irish Treaty, 1921 b) New Imperialism i) What did the older empire look like by 1870? (1) Settler Colonies: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Cape Colony>All receive autonmy in mid 19 th c. (2) Caribbean holdings > gravitate to direct British rule (3) Informal Empire of Free trade ii) Why did imperialism change in late 19 th century (1) “great Depression” 1870s-1890 (2) International Rivalry (3) Porter: “Creeping colonialism” (4) India—Egypt—Sudan—South Africa iii) Indian Rebellion, 1857 (1) Crown Jewel of the Empire (2) Destruction of traditions, customs, and economics (3) 1858: end of East India Company rule> new approach to administering India (4) “Creeping” in Afghanistan and Turkey iv) Egypt (1) Disraeli purchases shares in Suez Canal, 1875 (2) Control by international bondholders (3) 1881 revolt: WEG sends in troops (4) Protectorate status 1882-1922 v) Scramble for Africaashoda (1) Muslim revolt in the Sudan led by the “Mahdi” 1884 (2) Death of General Gordon at Khartoum (3) 1898 Revenge by General Kitchener at the Battle of Omdurman (4) 1898 French stand down at F 2) Lecture a) New Imperialism i) How it began
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LectureHist124April12009 - History 124 Lecture William...

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