LectureHist124March232009 - History 124 Lecture William...

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William Meier Lecture 3/23/09 1) Terms a) Political Reform 1867-1885 i) Weak party organization between 1846 and 1868 ii) Mid-Victorian prosperity (1) Industrial progress (2) Capitalism seems secure (3) Growth of trade unionism iii) Movement for parliamentary reform (1) External pressure: middle-class Reform Union (1864) and working class National Reform League (1865) (2) Internal allies: radicals and Gladstone iv) William Ewart Gladstone (1809-98) (1) Path from High Church Toryism to popular politician (2) 1866: introduces a moderate reform bill to enfranchise approximately 300,000 artisans (3) Sources of opposition v) Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81) (1) Path from outsider to Prime Minister (2) Skillful management of reform vi) Reform Act of 1867 vii)Education Act 1870 viii) Licensing Act 1872 2) Lecture a) Big Idea 2 nd half of course: Decline i) Strain in political system ii) Economy restrictions iii) British Imperialism falling and competing b) Reviewing 1832 Reform act i) Limitations of the reform act in creating democracy (1) Lacked universal suffrage (a) Very few had power to vote (i) Income limitations (property) (ii) Still many corrupt boroughs c) Mid-Victorian (Queen Victoria reigned from 1831-1901) Prosperity i) Industrial Progress by 1850s (Benefactor of German/US industrialism) (1) Could now export raw items (2) Railway and steam power also opened new areas of the globe (a) Opened N. American agriculture exports (British placed capital in assisting that) ii) Capitalism seems secure (1) Even oldest worker now was use to industrial life (2) Middle Class is feeling good about itself (a) Middle class had been in enfranchised in 1832, no longer needed to fight for
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LectureHist124March232009 - History 124 Lecture William...

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