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History 124 William Meier Lecture 3/30/09 GET NOTES FOR WEDNESDAY MARCH 25th 1) Board Terms a) The Irish Question, 1845-1914 Famine, Land, Nationalism i) Great Irish Potato Famine, 1845-51 ii) Peel’s efforts iii) Whig/Liberal actions and inactions iv) Irish Poor Law v) 1845-51 1 Million Dead vi) “Clearances” 500,000 between 1846-1854 vii)Emigration: 2 million, 1845-1855 viii) Providentialism ix) Moralism b) Political Consequences of the famine i) Transatlantic connections ii) Revolutionary nationalism: e.g. Fenians 1867 iii) Constitutional Nationalism: Home Rule movement c) Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-91) i) HR movement unsuccessful by 1880 ii) Parliamentary obstruction iii) CSP unites agrarian movement, political radicals, and moderate nationalist iv) Reconstruction of the Irish Parliamentary Party, 1880s d) House Rule Bills (1) 1886: Offered Ireland a subordinate parliament with limited powers (defeated in house of commons) (2) 1892: defeated in House of Lords, 419-41 (3) 1912: situation is transformed by the events of 1909-1911 and by the revival of Ulster Unionism (4) Home Rule and Suspending Acts, 1914 e) Impact of World War I i) Easter Rising, 1916 ii) Conscription iii) Sinn Fein iv) Government of Ireland Act, 1920 v) Guerilla warfare against the Royal Irish Constabulary vi) Anglo-Irish Treaty, 1921 2) Quick Review of Women’s Suffrage a) 1918 Women 30+ 1930 Women 21+ b) Not allied with either political party…individual ideology i) Many suffrage leaders were conservatives (1) Didn’t emphasize feminization but instead things like Motherhood, Domestic Duties 3) Lecture a) The Irish Question i) Remember emancipatation of Catholics in 1821 by O’Connell
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History 124 William Meier Lecture 3/30/09
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LectureHist124March302009 - History 124 Lecture William...

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