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02/10/09 02/10/09 Slaughter house no substantive due process. one enorumous claudse is open privilages an dimmunities clause. However in this cases it does not creat an embody states rights. we are not told whether states should embody rights Due process of law nobody should be derived of life liberty or proerty without due process of law in the case of slaugher house at this era due process gives us nothing. this happens all the way up till 1937 the courts talk anbout Deprevation is there a deprevation of life liberty and property? thats one question what goes into that box of life liberty and proeprty and is it deprevation. - no matter how you define this its going to be pretty broad need a defeniton of deprevation substatnitve due process how to read substantive due process and life liberty and proeprty life liberty and proepryt mean something 1.life liberty an property are enclosed in anything in and only in the constittution. 2.no this is new provisoon new reading so its what traditonaly was understood as
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021220091840222UWql7NrWo - 02/10/09 02/10/09 Slaughter...

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