Bio113 Study Guide CHAPS 1-4

Bio113 Study Guide CHAPS 1-4 - INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY 113...

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INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY 113 – Study Guide for Chapters 1-4 (Lecture 1) The instructor recognizes that a large amount of information is contained within Chapters 1 through 4. It is impossible to cover all of this material in detail and depth in lecture. However, knowledge of some of this information is essential for your understanding of the rest of the material presented in Lectures 2-9. Also, the material in Chapters 2 and 3 should be a review of concepts learned in general chemistry, a prerequisite for the course. Use the slide presentation for Lectures 1 and 2 (also on Carmen) as a guide for the material that the instructor intended to be emphasized. You should become familiar with the following concepts and definitions: Chapter 1. Exploring Life Concept 1.1: Review the general properties common to life. Much of the material in this section is introductory and will be covered in some depth later in the course. Thus, due to time constraints, it was not the specific subject of the first lecture. Review this material mainly to give you an overview. Concept 1.2: Know the three different domains of living organisms, what they all share in common, and how each are distinguished. Know the common features of cells and two main forms of cells (prokaryotic or eukaryotic). Evolution as it accounts for life’s unity and diversity, process of natural selection. (Due to time constraints, evolution and natural selection were not covered in lecture, but you should be familiar with the basic
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Bio113 Study Guide CHAPS 1-4 - INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY 113...

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