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Simulation Memo 4 - final

Simulation Memo 4 - final - BE 211 Memo#3 Simulation Memo 4...

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BE 211 Winston Hibberd, Lauren DiTizio, Len Moffa, Wesley Palmer Memo #3 October 17, 2007 Simulation Memo # 4 To: President of Garbage Disposal of Love From: Sales Forecasting Dept. Re: Forecasting & Sales Report for Quarter 26 Dear Mr. President, The following are our predictions from Quarter 24 to Quarter 25 and the results of our predictions. For our firm over the next quarters, it is important to note that the continual increase in CPI over that first 20 quarters causes us concern for our share in the market with cereal and frozen entrées. For Quarter 25, we were predicting a more competitive market for sale of salt. With a 9.64% share of the total salt market in Quarter 24, we were also predicting to stay steady in our sales of salt. Unfortunately, ours and others prices were undercut by $2 in the salt market. We predicted to sell 1200 units of salt for Quarter 25, and we sold 1,025. We predicted a lower units sold this quarter because the demand for salt is price elastic and since we were predicting for other firm to lower their prices, our market share would decrease a little.
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