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common angles and trigonometric functions

common angles and trigonometric functions - fill £501 Jim...

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Unformatted text preview: fill: £501 Jim HIS“!!! 'fionhmalhi Ina; HE!!! W C‘ X Q (I hr:gammateks.cowaieascgmrsi.mflozgsocmrmmew3uhhasUSocwwawismMiZQXemaereomraerjp-Dominant-3115{37 . " Google ill Mikhail fi-ommgsm [95 WW. fi galculatur Common angles and trigonometric functions LIILK Ull Lilit.‘ IUllUWIll lUl lllUlB "Coanliumon Ultrigonnmetnc Tringome ric \Em UES mane IE" and ommonngrliB onoflma nc Let 9 = 225a . Find the exact values of Sing . cote , and csc e . Consider 9 = 225° in standard msition. Let (min) be the coordinates ofthe intersection ottheterminal side of e and the unit circle, Since 9 is in Quadrant ,the reference anglel‘oir 9 is a -180° = 225°-130° =45” Hence, the reference triangle is a 45 ’45 ’90 right triangle {see Figure 1), In a 45 —45 - 90 right triangle with hypgtenuse of length l , the two sides adjacent to ,7 ' v5 "x the right angle have length ? , ,« \ Since the reference triangle is in g; adrant Ill . a is negative, and b is negative , Henceqr‘ a (m) ):(_fi _£)_ a ...
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