MCB50-MT2 - MCB 50 Midterm II Practice Questions 2009 I....

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MCB 50 Midterm II Practice Questions 2009 I. True/False Please enter the entire word True or False for these statements. _TRUE____ Hookworms can enter the skin by walking on contaminated soil containing eggs passed in feces. _TRUE____ Schistosomes are blood flukes that release eggs into the urinary tract or feces. _FALSE___ There are no helminth worm infections transmitted among humans living in the United States. _FALSE_____ Large helminth parasitic worms primarily elicit an adaptive immune response of IgG. _TRUE_____ Streptococcus pyogenes can cause gangrene. _TRUE_____ The most effective adaptive immune response to S. pyogenes is primarily IgG. _FALSE_____ S. pyogenes is a slow-growing bacterium that persists in peoples lungs. ___TRUE___ Prion disease can be spread from animal to animal by eating contaminated tissue. __ FALSE___ Helminth parasites, such as Ascaris lumbricoides evade antibodies through antigenic variation. __FALSE__ The provirus is the form that HIV takes on before its genetic material is turned from RNA to DNA ___TRUE______ Extracellular parasites in the blood stream can be eliminated by a vigorous Th2 and B cell mediated antibody response, ___TRUE___ Schistosoma mansoni evades the immune system by coating themselves with host proteins. ___FALSE___ HIV is an oncogenic or cancer causing virus. ___FALSE___ For all viral infections except HIV, the immune system effectively clears all traces of the virus from your body. __TRUE_______ Granulomas are a form of immunopathology. ___TRUE________ Interferon release is triggered by the presence of dsRNA during a viral infection is due to the fact that dsRNA does not occur in host cells. __-FALSE_________ Antibodies are not important in combating viral infections because viruses replicate inside cells where antibodies cannot reach the viruses. SHORT ANSWER
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MCB50-MT2 - MCB 50 Midterm II Practice Questions 2009 I....

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