Recitation Activity 1 Chemistry 122

Recitation Activity 1 Chemistry 122 - CO 2 BF 3 NH 3 CH 4...

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Recitation Activity 1 Chemistry 122, Dr. Loza Week of Jan 7, 2008 Gas Laws 1. Convert 427 mm Hg to atmospheres. Record your answer using the proper number of significant figures. 2. A sample of gas occupies 0.500 L at STP. Calculate the pressure if the sample is placed in a 3.75 L flask at 35 0 C. Bonding and Molecular Geometry (Chapters 8 and 9) 1. In the following list, circle the compounds that are likely to have a dipole moment, i.e. those that are polar molecules HF H 2 O CO
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Unformatted text preview: CO 2 BF 3 NH 3 CH 4 CH 3 OH C 6 H 6 2. Arrange the following molecules in increasing order of polarity of their bond: HBr HI HF HCl 3. What are the hybridizations and bond angles about each of the following central atoms? CH 4 BF 3 H 2 O NH 3 CO 2 [Note: now go back and look at your answers to Question 1] 4. Arrange the following elements in order of increasing electronegativity F Na I O Cl Br [Note: now go back and check your answers to Question 2]...
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