INDV 103 - Three types of private insurance-1. HMO 2. PPO...

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INDV 103 Medicare-Gov’t insurance 65 and over/federal Medicaid- low income twice the poverty line/federal and state Az-called Axis Insurance 82% covered 10% never 8% sometimes Insurance paid by HMO. Ppo Contracted doctors Fee for service pay for what you get, Get best doctor Gatekeeper sees before seeing specialist Medicare A compulsory B pay for out of pocket Supply factors for health care 1. Physicians Supply/Nurses, Pharmacies 2. Slow Productivity Growth 3. Changes in Medical Technology Demand Factors 1. Rising Incomes 2. An Aging population 3. unhealthy lifestyles 4. Supplier-Induced Demand Fee for Service(normal good) Defensive medicine(no Law suit(hopefully)) unnecccesary testing Medical Ethics 5. Role of health Insurance 6. Gov’t Tax Subsidy Japan Highest Life Expectancy
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4 types of public health insurance 1. Medicare(old) 2. Medicaid(Low-income) 3. SCHIP(kids) 4. Tricare (military) Moral Hazzard- Engaging in risky behavior bc of insurance 2 major problems facing health care 1. Rapidly Rising Costs 2. Unequal access to health Care
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Unformatted text preview: Three types of private insurance-1. HMO 2. PPO 3. Fee for Service Three effects of rising health care cost on United States 1. Less People can afford health care 2. Slowed growth of red wages 3. Govt has less $$ to spend elsewhere Factors to qualify for Medicaid Twice poverty line Adam Smith: Theft will be committed in any society in which one person has substantially more property than another. Thus, those who engage in theft are seeking income. Costs and benefits of criminal Activity: 1. Benefits of Theft: Loot 2. Costs: Apprehension, conviction, jail Society wants to lower the net expected benefit for committing any illegal activity. Two areas of research: 1. Putting more police in the street 2. Role of punishment through imprisonment Results: Strongest deterrent effect of police on violent crime, such as murder, rape and assault Elasticity of violent crime with respect to police is about 1-0...
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INDV 103 - Three types of private insurance-1. HMO 2. PPO...

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