NATS 3-2 - NATS104 Basiclightproperties o

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NATS 104 Basic light properties o Light has a wavelength and a frequency: f=c/ lamda o C, the speed of light is constant and does not depend on F or lambda o The energy of an individual photon depends on f:E=hf o The intensity of a beam of light depends on the number of photons How do we “see” an object? o Our eys are collecting light o Radiated light o Reflected light Am I radiating light? o Yes we radiate light and we reflect light Color o The chair was illuminated with white light but the reflected light we see looks red o The chairs material had imprinted a color on the reflected light. Another way of saying this is that the chair has a certain spectrum o Certain colors of light were absorbed, while other were not. Why? o Recall the photoelectric effect. If the material has a certial energy barrier, only some colors can be absorbed o Detailed interactions of the atoms or molecules in the chair with the light given rise to its actual spectrum The hydrogen atom
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NATS 3-2 - NATS104 Basiclightproperties o

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