NATS 3-26 - March26th Core Mantel o temperatures, Core...

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March 26 th Core Mantel o Rocky material surrounding the core made of minerals like quarts. Because the deep mantel is under higher pressure and is at higher temperatures, its is softer then the layer above it Core Lithosphere 1. differentiation a. densest material inside: why? b. piece of iron on top of a piece of ice? i. Nothing would happen c. Liquid iron on water i. The iron would sink d. Liquids differentiate: gravity pulls denser material e. Each terrestrial must have been hot enough to melt 2. sims and diffs a. mars has abnormally large core: impact that blasted away most of the crust and mantle? b. Moon has very small core: formed from rocky material from the earth so not much metal available c. Why is mercury’s core so big? 3. why are the interiors of planets are hot a. accretion/contraction i. when something falls onto the earths potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and eventually heat on impact ii. contraction or differentiation involvers similar conversation of potential energy to heat b. radioactivity i. radio activity decay is like nuclear fission: energy is released when an atom decays into another ii. earth contains uranium that provides such an energy source
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NATS 3-26 - March26th Core Mantel o temperatures, Core...

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