NATS_1-20 - • Jupiter is an M&M in the back row, •...

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Distance in miles: Erath to moon: 240,000 miles Earth to sun: 92,000,000 miles Sun to proxima centauri: 25,000,000,000,000 mile Distances: Erath to moon: .002 AU Earth to sun: 1 AU Sun to proxima centauri: Distances: Erath to moon: 1.2 Light seconds Earth to sun: 8.3 light min Sun to proxima centauri: 4.2 light years Light year is a measure of distance not time Speed of light is fixed so light travel times gives distance Sun-Proximia centauri: 4.2 light yes Galactic central ~30 kly Andromeda galaxy: ~ 2.5 mly Most distant galaxies that we know of is ~10 gly Consider that the sun is arrage in the front of class Earth would be a grain of sand
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Unformatted text preview: • Jupiter is an M&M in the back row, • proxima centauri would be in San Francisco If the sun were a grain of sand • proxima centauri is near el con • Cent of the galaxy is 40,000 miles away Apparent or angular size: Ø= D/d The distance ladder: • What is this AU: o Initially, solar system size scales only determined in a relative sense. Copernicus did this in the early 1500s o The AU was an arbitrary unit until the distance to one of the planets could be measured o Trigonometric parallax 1671: 10% accuracy o transit of Venus ~1770: 10% accuracy o radar raging ~1970: 10^(-8) accuracy...
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NATS_1-20 - • Jupiter is an M&M in the back row, •...

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