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NATS_1-22 - the moon most planets nearby stars nebulae •...

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What would you consider fast? 100 mph 500 mph 1000 mph 10000 mph what is the fastest you have ever traveled? ~ 1000 mph is how fast the earth is spinning ~70,000 mph is how fast the sun travels around the sun universe is expanding o on large scales everything in the universe is speeding away from every thing else nearly at speed of light o > 10 million mph naked eye celestial motion o milky way is a collection of stars gas and dust, made up of billions of stars o other celestial body the sun
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Unformatted text preview: the moon most planets nearby stars nebulae • the sun is directly over head at noon? o Rises in the east and sets in the west o Path across the sky varies over head • From the North Pole, the sun doesn’t move during the day? o On the equator the sun id up 12 hrs and down 12 hrs o The north pole the sun is in the same place the whole day • The sun moves with respect to the stars? o yes • The sun is closes to the earth in the summer? o No...
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