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Johannes kepler:1600 German astronomer started as tychos assistant o didnt like tycho much may even have killed him o “acquired” tycho’s data after his death figured out the (almost) true structure of the solar system departed from circular motion while ideal, are not connected for describing for planetary motion kepler found that elliptical orbits could fit data with out all epicycles keplers first law: o the orbits of planets are ellipsis with the sun at one focus o the line joining a planet to the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times o planets with largest semi-major axes have longer periods with the following dependence: [(p1/p2)^2=(a1/a2)^3] tychos data and keplers model shows that a heliocentric model with elliptical orbits fit the data better then the keplers 3 rd lay y^2=x^3 o y=x^(P) o y^(2/2)=X(3/2) o y=y^(1)=x(3/2) Galileo:1600 Italian physicist: father of modern science physics astronomy Contemporary of kepler even exchange letters with him
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NATS_2-3 - Johanneskepler:1600...

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