2b and 2c correction0001

2b and 2c correction0001 - :Jeut"" CORRECTION TO...

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Unformatted text preview: :::Jeut:"" CORRECTION TO PROBLEM 2b AND 2~ Ple",e ~-t"f'I<- ~e)<+ +,",,, Homework Assignment #1 , ~ binary, octal, and 1. (1 Point Each) Each row in the table below shows the decimal, hexadecimal representations of a number. Fill in the missing entries. Decimal Binary Octal Hexadecimal 160 II 0 J I ~ 1010000112 101[1 '0102" Ol {'2logic 2. (5 Points each) For each of the switch diagrams below derive the corresponding expression and construct the truth table for each expression. I I Qv~'n O(:X:n 0 o()eG\ \ VlDt-pG~h C-t0~ro,Closed 0 ...
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