Feminism and Motherhood

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WRTG 3020 Topics in Writing: Feminism and Motherhood Fall 2008 ~ c1 \ -:rr~CJ-e.> . Analysis Essay--Comparative Analysis of two cultural images of motherhood For this essay, you are to select a minimum of two different cultural images of motherhood and write an analytical essay comparing the two. One cultural representation should be of an "ideal" image of motherhood; the other image should differ, in some significant way(s), from this ideal. Of course, what constitutes an "ideal" is a highly constructed concept and one that is very fraught with contradictions and potential prejudices, and that's precisely the point of this essay. Places to look for images: art books, photography books, parenting magazines, parenting websites, google images (though try to go past page #1), celebrity magazines, newspapers, etc.--- Subtopics to possibly narrow this down: teenage mothers, unmarried mothers, celebrity moms, breastfeeding, welfare mothers, nUIitarymofiis~-"iictivist moms, lesbian mothers, fathers, older/younger
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