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annotated bibliography0001 - 'btl~ r" -.3Cop'~ An annotated...

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'btl~ r" -.3 Cop'~ An annotated bibliography is simply a list of sources that relate to your intended topic in some significant way. It is a way to begin the preliminary stages of your research for the assignments that will follow. "Annotated" means that, unlike a standard bibliography, you will include a paragraph after each source citation that summarizes the main idea and the usefulness of the source in relation to your intended project. For this assignment, you will need to find eight sources that you think may be useful to your research. (If you end up using more than eight sources in your research essay, select the eight you will use most prominently to include in your annotated bibliography). Focus your research on print sources (articles published in academic journals, credible popular magazines and newspapers). Read over each source to get the primary focus and argument (read the introduction and conclusion and skim the main points of the body), then write a brief summary of the main idea and argument you believe is being advocated by the author(s). Following this summary, briefly state the ways you think the source relates to and/or will help you with your research question. Details Of the total eight (8) sources, at least four (4) should be scholarly sources (articles in peer- reviewed journals).
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annotated bibliography0001 - 'btl~ r" -.3Cop'~ An annotated...

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