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Caitlin Bartley WRTG 3020 Annotated Bibliography Benzies, Karen M. "Advanced maternal age: are decisions about the timing of child- bearing a failure to understand the risks?(Research)(Clinical report(j Canadian Medical Association Journal. Jan. 2008.\) 0<"" #- l 'S>S~ ~ "7 ....... - ~ nc. ..l-t. 0 +- ~ This mi.-Ie is peer-review~l,lIld-discusses the trend~omen delaying _ ~ arenthood to the age of women who are 35 and older. There~ studies1tOne In Canada, he United States, and Sweden with advanced age, the impacts deal WIth increased risks for cesarean delivery, stillbirth, and preterm birth. The issues of relationships with women, family life, and chronic health problems are used to show their influence on birth ~OIlS as well. This article also discusses ~e role of men and their age in older ,\ women's pregnancies. This article provides informatIon about pregnancy management \ \(\eJl) and some health care factors in the system that will be helpful in supporting my argument ~ V;\ \ that advanced age in motherhood provides n;ore risks. ~oe~ 10 lJ/h d'YY7 0~ Birkett, Nichoas, Fergusson, Dean, Ling, Huang, Sauve Req.,Carl van Walraven. \~1 "Maternal age and risk of stillbirth: a systematic review.(Research)(Clinical report)." c...i uJ\ Canadian Medical Association Jo . 008. \} d-~ ~ lcs~~ -:±L- S /~ ~ 1(~\oS\~ This article is a clini Irq at provides information about the rate of [ still~rt~at are increasing in women~their late 30's. The study explores whether or not 9i€ older maternal age is linked to th! higher risk of stillbirth, and the statistics provided show that older age and increased rate of stillbirth are link~ A \.[he older maternal age does not provide more benefits to the mother or baby. Research in this study also discusses the pre-existing medical conditions older women possess. This article is beneficial for my research paper because it also provides the cpunter-argument
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Article Review0001 - Caitlin Bartley WRTG 3020 Annotated...

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