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Jennifer Mayer WRTG3020 Inst. Cindy Moran November 10,2008 Currently in feminist literature the area of reproductive rights places a lot of emphasis on securing contraception and abortion rights for women. While this work is extremely important for a number of reasons, it is interesting that the choice to either become pregnant or continue an unplanned pregnancy is not addressed nearly as much. While feminists do address issues surrounding childbirth, it is usually a specific critique of the patriarchal medical establishment. Why has feminism developed in this way? I argue that feminism in the United States has had such an emphasis on gender equality, or rather women's equality to men that becoming a mother and bearing children has hindered this "equality" progression. When arguments are made for gender equality, feminists usually minimize the differences between men and women in order to promote equality between the two. While not all
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Unformatted text preview: women will give birth to children in their life time, a portion of women will and due to this tendency to minimize the differences between men and women, women who become pregnant will be disadvantaged. Pregnancy marks a distinct biological difference between men and women. Unfortunately in our society pregnant women might feel the need to still "keep up" in order to be seen as a strong, liberated and independent woman who cannot be slowed by her body's functions. While I do not think pregnancy is an automatic "delicate condition" there are changes within a women's body that are biologically based which will require lifestyle changes. If in our society we view gender equality as women being equal to men, then we need to change the way gender equality is currently viewed in our society so that women do not loose this status when they become pregnant....
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