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Unformatted text preview: 4--hf9&:.The "ideal" image of motherhoodcan essentially never be universal.With all of the different upbringingsand just the simple different opinions people have keep our culture interesting and unique.The ideal image of1/motherhood does deal with perfection,though.It is up to each individual to determine what their idea of perfect is.\i'tODImages are able to capture and illustrate one's life, and in this case motherhood.The cultural image of "ideal"-dioppymotherhood shows affection, attentiveness,and nurture.Attention and love are extremely important.TheseL...-\}ifferentimages of motherhoodshow that anything that is outside the perfect image, does not work with society's..- ,"1.I 'e~'4idea of mothers should be..(1)on",~~iC&r\J\The first image for "ideal" motherhoodis a nude woman breastfeeding.We see the baby on her breast and-fhe/s;;/c:::their eyes are looking at the mother.The baby's arm is up in between her breasts as if the arm is covering the.mother's heart.The woman looks calm as she looks down into her baby's eyes while she is breastfeeding.Thewoman is a w~er~middle-aged,so there seems to be no question of what kind of person she is. She is anIS:;rriappropriate age by society'sstandards to have a child.The "ideal" image is portraying a message of peacefulness-4--I.?~fk0 1 \and.~appiness:The image is saying that the connectio~ to your baby can be achieved with breastfeedingand it is aIct..t:$....>D,~Ii(tposItIve expenence.The mother looks very content wIth herself and her baby and she seems very comfortable.-CLn~"oThe backgroundis all black and there are no distractions around them.The mother is focusing on her babyand her attention is no where else s she holds the baby to her. The "ideal" image shows the mother embracing her~baby and the love and connection you see between them is obvious.That relationshipis what the perfect mother-h',)would have with their child.A woman in our culture seeing this image would think breastfeedingyour baby and'S\1,J-being. that ag.eis the perfe~t wa.y to ~e t~e best mom.~omenloo~ing at this !mage would as~ themselves ifthe~v~--en1d.l~I-ec\-(Y'\II were10the nght place or tIme10theIr hves to have chIldren.SocIety makes It clear that a mIddle-aged woman IS~~(...'the right age to be a mother.You should be able to support your child and be a stable figure in their life. Thisf'"$I~)"ideal" image is showing the mother being that stable a~upportivefigure to her baby by embracing and feedingIIdeaJn lo ~ -\)+~lbabY.~{r '(The "non-ideal"image'aa~isorbsoJut v .froa mazine that appeals to youngerwomen.The image is of a preg~nan~om~lfb~din'ga~m~~ads,"In an Absolut world."Thisimage disrupts the cultural ideals in motherhoodin a few ways.First off, the woman isn't even the one pregnant....
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image of motherhood paper0001 - 4--hf9&:.The...

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