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Moran NAME: ~+'''Y\ Self-Evaluation and Reflection Personal Essay Assignment 1. Read through your essay carefully; try to imagine that you did not write it as this will enable you to have some critical distance. Write on your draft as your are reading it paying attention to all of the following: points that need further development or clarification, redundancies, organizational confusion, wordiness, sentence structure, spelling errors and typos. Be sure to address both content and mechanics. Keep the draft you have commented on and refer to it when you are revising this essay for the final draft. 2. Below write a short passage reflecting on your essay and on the process of writing the essay. Please consider the following questions: 1. What was the most challenging aspect of writing this essay? 2. What was the most fun/exciting/positive etc.? 3. Was it a challenge to be both personal and analytical/intellectual? 4. When you were rereading your draft, what did you like the most about your essay? 5. What did you dislike? 6. What will be your biggest challenge in revising this essay? ftFter ~a QJ) YYr/ CSl;CAf1 j I \Ad.s. ~ d)' l~ \trym ~~.I ~~ ih~ l <.1JJct<S', h rnJ es.sqyT,t \l'4:tS. ~tLh.q1 -rc -to, 1\~d e:t (G -Th~ I. ~d f'e-dJ7 ~~h CY0 etf eovJd 2]\fd ()I\~~ ~~~t(t~io-
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personal essay assignment0001 - WRTG3020 Moran NAME: ~+'Y\...

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