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Unformatted text preview: Name: Title: d:lHltn B:1J'H7 ~e,; -Peq~Of\~ 1hJ.j vJOJ y\e6\ cA.JD vJd(:t{,-f~ ,-,' What is your essay's thesis? \Abfn~ ~U~~ n~ dJld. Y\tSEjoJ?\=- ef:6-ecfS ~ eVe lHot-e.. ltt'-elj ~ oeCA)..( ~~, h~5e-lt o.(\~/ov- he-·r d~t'ld, Evaluate the thesis-what is strong about it, what needs work, how does your essay develop and support the thesis. ~S o.rd 08:,~ n~dto fect.-LC.2€) ,·H"\e, f'f\~;; M'j ~ cle(jj, $tr~(i~\q &tdje(~(\ef'J-f e bS cVd \S reJbl \f'e d"'~'OJ-lr'\C.I --\+vL' 5. ~ <.A.f\I\e.f'.t Evaluate your use of your sources? Are your quotes discussed and explained? Are all paraphrases accurate? "I- ~~ -flr£t c»r~\ '~ ~%t ~~~ \}i(-\-Y-'\ ~ r)oT used. c:tf\7 I I- ~+C5 &1' ~ -ft\&f'Y\ +~\eJ ~Q.-) J-fC?-f\j -f-o de~+~s dJ\d sicU-rs-nc&:' 1(\ W~-e-(""e·, ~\:t ()S~. +-.0 f I.-A.t- n;l €'~ <9(de.1' What is the greatest strength of your essay? vvtJYr\~ ?bf~ I ~01q -+he- etUJr'1r-S rre-a '('CU \~, ~' ex:: C-VJ-' nr L- vva-rd--hJ \AS ~'e..f\ce>O-vr(j-f~ ;'\I\...A-td\. ('L.LL; What do you most need to work on? ,.", _-- -- - •.. ... ".."--".-'_ c.r~;hOh5 ..... ..--''-' .,,, . ",,,,.-.,. --·"~--'''-''·''····-'--:'I··--·''"--",,, '." ..... ,,- ~~ CLr\d y~·reO-¥24-t.J--fY\e-Y\..\ C-' lcte8'~~ _.-.".'.-"--.,,,. ." '..,'.. ,,,,,,,".' .. ,-",...-, ..' .... ",,,' ,," ~\e.) ...
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