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resonse #20001 - I agree with Hirschman that women are...

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Caitlin Bartley WRTG3020 September 3,2008 ~ In4lrls essay "Homeward Bound," Hirsfhman discusses that most~fthe women in today's society are staying at home with their children and are completely disregarding successful careers, but chose to give it all up when they decided to have babies. ()'!~ chose to tend to the children and house whil an brings in the money to support the family whe~s Hirsfhman writes about the elite women with money, education, and privilege who are opting out to follow the path that women must be responsible for the housework and children only. Feminists have,\ a,uJ,v} been trying to change this way of thinking so women would stop limiting themselves by j LX\c. ..~ Not only are women believing these things for themselves, the men that expect ~ mothers to put raising children and not having their own career above themselves as well. -\0
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Unformatted text preview: I agree with Hirschman that women are choosing sacrifice what they have } dreamed for as far as having an education and career goes. It is true that a lot of women (9. should still be getting the equal opportunity they do. I would never say that women «>-01'" .+-shouldn't still have the equality; I just understand what Hirschman is trying to point out. (\C1'\.~t ~ ~~e with Hirschman's argument when she is suggesting to women that women must "marry down" to be in the position to avoid having an "unfair share of the vJn.O family." I understand that a woman should always want to find someone tJlflt supports whatever that may be, and be able to work and keep the career that I plan on having. I.... ~1J ~ ~~ l\ClLc.ot~ ~ ~-n ~ V/cW ~ 'oc;Vo\.lt) a~ \r-c\\\j\~ shcucl VW -' dCJ. .h-fk ~~ '\JD\~ N.tU-~ ~ C00~~d ~...
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resonse #20001 - I agree with Hirschman that women are...

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