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responses 7 & 80001 - Caitlin Bartley WRTG3020 ~ ~o...

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Caitlin Bartley October 20, 2008 WRTG3020 ~ Hrdy's chapter, "From Here to Maternity" compares the maternal instinct in mice ~o the maternal instinct that is possibly in humans. She discusses the fact that some may ~ have this motherly gene and some may not. The motherly gene that Hrdy explores is J -SOJ~ n! \..,UO'\ cJ.,Y} The chapter also talks about a study that was taken with virgin mice being - injected with pregnant or f:iother mice's blood. When this was done, these virgin mice .A would start nurturing pups and lick them as is they were starting to be motherly. The behaviors in monkeys and their babies were also mentioned to show how these instincts as mothers are shown in them as well. Monkeys, who have similarities ~uman ~, ~ v""~\ ~~t ~ ~ the human body and the things that happen when a female becomes a mother. Mothers \ \ ><,, (7 be the best they can be and do what is best for their children. In rodents and "7 ~j\~ \ \' ~ \ l) ~ ~~ or q Ov\ve-- ( 0J \~ \{\~ {\l _ C-section, and how there is something
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responses 7 &amp; 80001 - Caitlin Bartley WRTG3020 ~ ~o...

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