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WRTG3020 Moran 5m/Av ~{~ For our last two class meetings, we will have brief self-reflective presentations. The purpose of the presentations if for each of you to reflect back on your first thoughts about feminism and rriotherhood (as articulated in your personal essay), and think about how your thoughts on your subject and knowledge has evolved, developed and changed. Each presentation should be 7-8 minutes in length. Note: I will be strict about the timing so we can fit in everyone's presentation. If you go over your time, I will cut you off. Prepare your presentation by practicing it and timing yourself. Time goes faster than you think. You may summarize and/or read from your personal essay, and try to analyze what your thinking
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Unformatted text preview: was and where you were coming from. Then spend time talking about what your current personal relationship is with feminism and motherhood. Think of it this way, if you were going to rewrite the personal essay assignment, what would you say now that is different from what you said at the beginning of the semester? What would be the same? You need to include a /ViSual imagd for this presentation. This can be a photo, an advertisement, a website, a video, a drawing, a painting etc., that in some way speaks to your thoughts about feminism and motherhood. You can use poster board, or I can provide a laptop and projector for internet or PowerPoint presentations....
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