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WRTG 3020, Section 044 3:00-4: 15 Fall 2008 ECON2 Topics in Writing: Feminism and Motherhood Instructor: Cindy Moran, M.A. Office: ENVD IB30C Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:30-3:00 Mailbox: ENVD Basement, in main office of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric office phone: 303-735-4663 email: [email protected] (NOTE: I read and respond to email M-F 9-5) Course Description: Designed for Juniors and Seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences, Topics in Writing strives to improve students' writing and critical thinking skills. Students will write analytical and reflective papers with a goal of clear, interesting and grammatically correct essays. Revision and peer review will be emphasized; moreover, we will expand your college level research skills. • Deepen critical reading skills and understand how audience and purpose affect a piece's meaning. • Sharpen interpretive skills and further develop analytical tools for discussing complex arguments. • Widen academic research skills through the ability to retrieve, evaluate and properly cite the myriad sources college level research demands. • Write clear and concise essay and apply knowledge of grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling. • Use appropriate technology to communicate with class through workshops and presentations. • Use workshops to sharpen analytical and editorial skills and to aid classmates in their writing process. • Revise one's own work thoughtfully with an eye to refming ideas and argument and thesis. Topic: Our topic is feminism and motherhood, and we will consider the following questions: How has feminism changed the ideals and ideas about motherhood? How has feminism changed the way motherhood is lived and enacted? What are the concerns of feminism in regards to motherhood? Is motherhood in conflict with the goals of feminism? Is there a conflict between feminism and motherhood. Required Texts: Ann Crittenden, The Price of Motherhood. Michael Harvey, The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing, 2003 Andrea Lunsford, Easy Writer 3'd Edition Naomi Wolf, Misconceptions. Other Readings will be available through E-Reserves at Norlin Library. Note: Always bring the assigned reading to class. If it is a textbook, bring the textbook. If it is an electronic reading, you must bring in a print-out of the assigned reading. Students always do a better job of understanding and retaining a reading if they read it in paper form and with a pen in hand to take notes. It also improves class discussion when we all have the reading and our notes in front of us. It will negatively affect your participation grade if you have a pattern of "forgetting" to bring the reading to Attendance: Regular attendance and active participation throughout the semester are crucial to this seminar/writing workshop. Students who miss more than three classes can expect their final grade to be lowered by one fraction of a letter (i.e. A to A-) for each absence after the third; note that this is cumulative. More than six absences
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syllabus and objectives0001 - WRTG 3020 Section 044 3:00-4...

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