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Caitlin Bartley WRTG3020 November 10, 2008 are capable of. Whether a woman chooses to have children or noy:that-is a decision she \..\S:~ClI~ caty'make for herself. Taking away this privilege to have' children may not be right, but at during pregnancy and childbirth? If a woman is 35 years and older, she should not be CQr\$I~'~~~ng children because the risks for the mother and/or child increasing drastically. . 5?-~' aJJJcLte> ~+l\e ns~ '+ ~Gl~ .sIeei'~ ~ s:1
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Unformatted text preview: 'QL'-ttf w6\\QLdcl rwt that are 35 years and older should not become pregnant or give birth because of the .+---c. .... ISlcdS '-I\ dangerous possibilities that are most likely to occur and have negative effects for ct,\Je.4<::ta e CiS e> themselves and their babies. a:' t ') 1f. .; '-€-, oS ~~ci;-~/v .rea 50 nf: to surFri-wl'tj !t-\.-~-Lt •. .-wl\t Jpes .sDQe7IY~.Q._> ~ "",ra.f't-to ~~ t-t'c(;J-r,\d...
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