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Lecture #38 Friday November 21,2008 < Your location :HQmePage > Lecture QutJJnes > November 21 Lecture #38 Chapter 15: Organic Compounds and the Atomic Properties of Carbon (continued) ConcepTest #1: True or False: I deserve extra credit for coming to class the day after an exam AND the day before Fall Break! A. TRUE B. FALSE Organic Reactions (Three broad classes) Pages 472-473 • Addition c Occurs when an unsaturated reactant decreases in bond order (double ---> single OR triple ---> double) c Two reactants form one product H 2 C=CH 2 + CI 2 ---> CI-H 2 C-CH 2 -CI • Elimination c Occurs when a reactant increases in bond order (single ---> double OR double ---> triple) c One reactant forms two products CI-H 2 C-CH r CI ---> H 2 C=CH 2 + CI 2 • Substitution c Occurs when an atom (or group) from one reactant substitutes for an atom (or group) in another reactant c Two reactants form two products CH 3 CI + HBr ---> CH 3 Br + HCI A. Addition B. Elimination C. Substitution D. None of these In lab experiment #11, oil of wintergreen is synthesized from salicylic acid. Identify the reaction type. 0 OH o~ OCH 3 ~C/ ~C/ OOH + HOCH,_ OOH + HOH Functional Groups - Table 15.5 • Functional groups are specific combinations of bonded atoms that react in a characteristic way • The distribution of electron density in a functional group affects the reactivity • Functional groups with only single bonds undergo substitution or elimination • Functional groups with double or triple bonds undergo addition • Functional groups with both single and double bonds undergo substitution Be able to identify 8 of the functional groups in Table 15.5 and be able to predict the reactivity of them. (alkane, alkene, alcohol, haloalkane, amine, aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acid) ConcepTest #3: A. B.
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class notes0003 - Lecture#38 Friday November 21,2008 < Your...

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