exam 30001 - CHEMISTRY 1111 Professor Bierbaum Professor...

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.+ CHEMISTRY 1111 Professor Bierbaum Professor Hendrickson EXAMIH No\"e••ber10 j PLEASE READ THIS COVER 'AGE ANDPOLLOW tHE INSTRUCTIONS. Do NOT OPEN THE EXAM tJNTIL YOU ARE ~OLD TO DO SO. j On the computer graded answer sheet, enter your namel and student ID number in the appropriate boxes. In the four columnSl. the upper left cf the s~eet, enter a zero followed by.your three-digit lab section number (f,r e';8lJlPIe,secti~n 231 is written as 0231). Then fill in the corresponding bubbles below your name, IDnu~ber, and lab section. , , I Answer all questions on the computer graded •• swersh.,t by filling in the proper bubble with a No.2 pencil. If you change an abS'Wer,erase the un~esired mark thoroughly. Mark only the best answer to each question. ! Only non-programmable calculators are permitted. durin. the exam. Cell phones must be .turned off; aUelectronic devices must beptacediBa bac~ack or on the Door, and may not be accessed during the exam. Students violatiBg this poli4y will be asked to leave and will receive a zero for the exam. A Periodic Table is priBted on tJle back of this cover ~heet. There are 4 exam pages (double-sided) with 20 questions, and 2 blank pages fo~ scratch paper. When you are instructed to begin the e:Jam,please ch~ktlulty1Ul have aUpages. .~,- ) "V~---'~"-'1t;~~,~~k " "'1?'~'<" : When you are tmished, give the answer sheet to your teac~ing assistant. You may take the exam with you. Answers will be postedo. CULearn. Goo~ luck! ! Sp~
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2009 for the course CHEM 1111 taught by Professor Robertparson during the Fall '08 term at Colorado.

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exam 30001 - CHEMISTRY 1111 Professor Bierbaum Professor...

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