exam 10001 - Gnl\lC Last name)rcp.Y1I11~ Irst name,jJ\A,D i...

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Unformatted text preview: Gnl\lC) Last name )rcp.Y1I11~ Irst name ,jJ\A.,D .') _(\('\ i\ h J\"--' . U -J L.t..J Student Number Version 1111 FIRST EXAM 22 Sep 2008 Closed books, no calculators, phones, etc. You may use one sheet (8.5" x handwritten notes. Strictly individual effort, 45 minutes maximum. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONEIIPODIE. FOR ANY REASON DURING THE TEST. Write your name and student ID on this page and on the essay on the last page. Also, write and BUBBLE in your name and student ID on the scantron sheet using a #2 pencil. Enter the test form version (number underlined above) on the top left of the scantron sheet. 100 points total. Since die sClUlhon.fOrms H'iIInol ~ e 'e IH ""~ YON 6I6J' HlIUII to ,eco,i/ YON' fUISHIen on diu test. »IN !rILL 6"eIdlis copy ~ 6 C k . TRUEIFALSE. Mark <a) T, or (b) F on scantron sheet based on each statement. [2 pts each] 1) You can find the tilt of the Earth's axis by measuring the angle between your horizon and the North Star.m'eL 2) Copernicus's model of the solar system gave much better predictions than the model ofPtolemy.f1l\5.e 4) In the Ptolemaic system, Venus should not show phases. \(\{: 5) The observable universe is the same size today as it was a few billion years ago.~ 6) A solar eclipse occurs only when the Moon is new~ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Mark scantron with the choice that BEST completes the statement or answers the question. [3 pts each] 7) Which of the following is notpart ofa good scientific theory? tAM scientific theory cannot be accepted until it has been proven true beyond all doubt. "B) A scientific theory should be based on natural processes and should not invoke the supernatural or divine. C) A scientific theory must make testable predictions that, if found to be incorrect, could lead to its own modification or demise. D) A scientific theory must explain a wide variety of phenomena observed in the natural world. 8) Ptolemy's geocentric model of the solar system was rejected because it offered no explanation at all for which of the following? A) the Sun's motion across the sky B) the phases of the Moon ~ retrOgrade motions of the planets constellations caging during the year ) None of the above: the geocentric model does offer explanations for all of these. 9) The astrology practiced by those who cast predictive horoscopes can be tested by _ A) asking astrologers ifit works. \IrtI comparing how often the predictions come true to what would be expected by pure chance. q counting how many times the predictions come true. D) polling people to find out what percentage believe their horoscopes to be accurate. E) None of the above; astrology is inherently wrong and can't be tested. 1 Don't .fOrget abollt the essay(S) at the end! ne Sun in July and closest to the Sun in January. During which Northern Hemisphere season is its orbit?...
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exam 10001 - Gnl\lC Last name)rcp.Y1I11~ Irst name,jJ\A,D i...

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