exam 30001 - ASTRIOIO '6\o<3~-Oog~5 _ Student Number Dr....

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ASTRIOIO Dr. Hornstein Fall 2008 '6\o<3~-Oog~5 __ Student Number Version 2222 THIRD EXAM 17 Nov 2008 Closed books, no calculators, phones, etc. You may use one sheet (8.5" x 11") of handwritten notes. Strictly individual effort, 45 minutes maximum. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONElIPODIETC FOR ANY REASON DURING THE TEST. Write your name and student ill on this page and on the last page. Also, write and BUBBLE in your name and student ill on the scantron sheet using a #2 pencil. Enter the test form version (number underlined above) on the top left of the scantron sheet. ~ tAl SaIIdI'oll/tHar wU/1IOt 1M ~JWI"1MIItkJ recow/JIOIH tIfISHW'S'II tMs ft!St T. WILL pi ddF C6P.J'INId. (I1JIJptF fDIII!) TRUFJFALSE. Mark (a) T, or (b) II'88 HDtnm sheet·••••• oa eadlltatement. [2 ptI eada] 1) Winter and summer differ in length on Mars because of its elliptical orbit. T 2) Smaller worlds generally have thinner lithospheres.~ 3) The spacing of ene(gy levels for electrons vary from one element to anotheq 4) The "no atmosphere" temperature of a planet is never higher than the planet's actual temperature:\' 5) Grass is green because it absorbs green light, reflecting all other colors.y 6) Assuming we eventually can detect Earth-like planets in other solar systems, it is conceivable we could discover af" planet of similar age and size as Earth but as heavily cratered as the Moon. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Mark HaJdreIl with the cbotce"M8T COIbpIetea the ltatemeat or 8.DIWeft the q••••••• [3 ptI eadaJ : 7) What color would a pure blue object look if pure red light is shined on it? A) white B) purple C)blue @blaCk 8) Which terrestrial world would you expect to have the~ng~st magnetic field, based on the principles covered in class? A) Mars :8) Moon . ~ D) Venus E) Mercury 9) W9llt is the most important factor that determines the thickness, and therefore strength, of the lithosphete? \b)) internal temperature . B) distance of planet from Sun C) viscosity D) pressure E) composition 10) Which of the following best describes convectimf! A) It is the process in which warm material gets even wanner and cool material gets even cooler. ~ It is the process.in whi'ch a liquid separates. .accor ...•. ...din ....g tl:'density, such as oil and water separating in a jar. It is the process in which warm material expao,dsandrises
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exam 30001 - ASTRIOIO '6\o&lt;3~-Oog~5 _ Student Number Dr....

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