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homework sets0001 - .l\ ASTR 1010 (Dr. Homswin) ~~ Written...

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Unformatted text preview: .l\ ASTR 1010 (Dr. Homswin) ~~ Written Homework Set 2 '-, Due at the BegiDDi~g ~f Class: WedIlesdaY, Oct 1 NAME: Youmay study with your friends but.theworkyoU hand in should be your own. The main purpose of the homework is for you to leamthe material - on which you will be tested later.You cannot learn by others doing the work for yon. IdeJlticalassignments will receivesplit creait. A single number or word on its own is not an answer. You must show HOW you cameto your answer an4 give the units of quantities. If you have other sheets (or rinted thisQUt. PLE.ASE STAPLE!! 1- Motion and ravity (a) A parachutist is falling.toward the gr0wnd. lbe downward force of gravity is exactly equal to the upward force of air resistance. Desc how/if.the velocity of the parachutist changes- and exp~~t:~\ fC\n'titl ~ :?&1\C \ r ~ &\,vt: (b) Equal and opposite forces: Accordin3tQtb.e universal law of gravitation, the force of the Earth pulling on the Moon is exactly the'~M ~force of the Moon pulling on the Earth. Explain why it has a much larger effect ol).tIJe~OO(lthan on the Earth. (For example, tides on Earth are a few meters high, but if the Moo. had water, it would have tides that are kilQmeters _ hiS\~ec we ~r1 1 5 rY'D.$~h~~ \~If) 1tifvn the ba:ft13 ,"YltlB~ I~' .~: t: ~= ~~~~~~~~~e:~L, 3-\j~~ Dl~~~~e:'IIO~ state!';~~e~r f~se- and explain your reasoning. , (a) While on a space walk outside the ~,Station.an~naut drops the tool she is working .With and it quiC~t floats a~! ,fromher.,..... ..". . . ......\t.A ~ \~1~~~~ ~~~~~~(OW~~) IYl c ! '-"'1"'''''''- _" " . '.' l (b) If we could somehow replace the Sun With a Styrofoam ball that has precisely the same mass, ~fr:;;~:;b~d~,~ txYwee,\h~ .... 83u(-\-}1~'.. ,;b ~. Tn:;./~. /tJ,t~6 CfU~ )~ \tvc ~ ... ~8lY\" . ............ , 4 - Aecelera . . . . (a) Exj>lain why the ... WJitsofacceleratlOnai\l.'. .mW .. . and.n.otjustmls. ",A Jl.lJflA\A;J. "/1I~f~Y1 M /5 : ~:3 ~ ~j 9C~J v r u u t L / l ( / \ J ~ - y 1:i:!. _ W'\ t So - (Yl) t'" ~ ....- \ b t --S"'- ;) (b) If yOll dfo}Y a rock from a very tall buildifta,llowiif$st will it be goi~ after 6 seconds? Explain. . ~ ". n ~ .... ,.~. ...... d!lf.!Ji.l~ Wrn/'5l11WJX ~ Gx l6- flflnjy CACCeb"~f()yff~,. (c) As you coast you.rbike down Folsom.hill Yo'Uacqe"rateat about 2 m1s 2 How fast Willyou be moving after 4 seconds (assuming you starttd frolll..,$tOp)? (Remember to show your units.) Exptv5?- ~ ~~(0)elC Y"YIo,Am~ ~cb ~~ ~- ~ . " (d) You are driving along the highway at a~~f1S'miles Per hour when you slam on the brakes. If your acceleration is at an averagcintte of .. t Smiles per hour per second, how long will it take to come to a stop? Show your work....
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homework sets0001 - .l\ ASTR 1010 (Dr. Homswin) ~~ Written...

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