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ASTR 1010 - Introductory Astronomy I: Fall 2008 REVIEW SET 2 Dr. Hornstein This guide is to aid you in preparing f(jf the SECOND EXAM in class on Monday, The Cosmic Perspective, and draws on the reading, lecture material, clicker qtaesuons, .at\d homework (copies are posted on course website). If you need help on thismateria1, please come to the REVIEW SESSIONSnext week (s~ below for tgneILocatjon). We also encourage you to seek out Samik or Dr. Hornstein, either during OUroffice hours or by special appointment, if you· have any other questions. . . The exam will be very similar to the firSt exam·and consist mainly of short-answer questions (multiple choice and true-false), whick you will answer on a "scantron" sheet, and one or two essay questions. Please bring a nwnber 2 pencil to the exam (or one dollar)! The exams are closed book, but you wilt be allowed 1sheet (2-sides, 8.5"xll") of handwritten notes. No calculators, iPodg,PDA, etc. .. You will also be required to show your CU student ID .whenyou turn in your test. Note that you.CIUJ",rite Illl the/ornudae _,.urefttlt-sheet - but you are not going to need to' l'plug and ch"g" nwmlJersinto IIfo"""",.-rtIt/Is70" wUlbe expected to know how the formullle worl- e.g.,for F=MA, if you ~ M""'tlt happens to F? You may have to calculflte I'tItios (either the mathellUlticfll"'IIY or tllilogical way) as shown in clflss. Study Aids: Textbook o LeamingGoals (start of OVetY ChaptC1) o Summary of Key ConceJ*(end of every chapter) o 'Common Misconceptions' and 'Think About It' boxes MasterillgAstronomy . o Previous homework o Self Study area (can redo activities $S many times as you want. Not graded.) Particularly the Qoncept Quizzes since these emphasize concepts over memorization. CULearn o All lecture notes and clicker questil)nSare posted. Review clicker questions -I'll ask at least one! o Use the discussion page to past questions, find study partners, etc.;. Classmates o You are encouraged to st1.l4},\lVith~mates, but be sure to take turns asking, answering, and exjlaining.questions. (When done correctly, I think this is one of the best waySWleartt1) , Review Sessions - Come with q-.estions! o Wednesday, October 15, 51JO.-6:2Dpm, Duane G2B41 (below our _classroom) o Sunday, October 19 th , 1:Oe-~:~Duane G125
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Exam 2 topics/concepts Speed, velocity, acceleration, force Newton's 3 laws of motion Universal law of gravitation - P g ;=OMIM!/c:f< Center of mass Acceleration due to gravity, o g=GM/R 2 •...•. .•. • ' '0 does not depend on mass of~ct~etating o varies with massM ofplan~M~~.~ etc (the big thing doing the pulling) 0.1.:~~~ fONe m: tP ~;Md.acoeIenrtion dueto pavity o Circular orbit, gravity of orMtltEhOl,-,the orbitER in orbit o Circular orbit vs Escape vel.,itytwhttt •.s the difference?) Newton's Version of Kepler's 3rdL~ -NV~L o One of the most important~ttations~fastrophysics! o
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syllabus0001 - ASTR 1010 Introductory Astronomy I Fall 2008...

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