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project overview0001

project overview0001 - Part 1 Overview ofthe project What...

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Part 1: Overview ofthe project. What has 2 Moms (and the brief) asked you to do? We have been asked to perform a comprehensive "brand audit" on 2 Moms in the Raw. From our audit we will develop a competitive and market analysis, a brand analysis and a consumer analysis. At the end we will have a thorough understanding of the market, of the brand from the point of view of the people who make it/sell it, of the consumer and an understanding of the culture. Ultimately, this will lead us to the insight or essence of the 2 Moms brand is and how it can be best developed in order to provide the greatest success in the marketplace. Part 2: Discussion ofthe market: What market will you compete within? Why? What's the health/growth ofthis market and the competitive frame? 2 Moms will compete in the organic/natural food market, specifically as a convenience food. Additionally, it will compete in the raw foods category, but this will be secondary to its positioning as an organic/natural food. The market for convenience foods is growing because consumers are seeking foods they can eat on the go. However, there is, also, an increased importance for foods that are healthy as Americans are more concerned with health and wellness. The organic and natural food market is growing 8x as fast as the conventional food market, with sales expected to be over $32 billion by 2009. Additionally, 27% of Americans are eating more organic products than one year ago, 1in lOuses organics several times per week and nearly ~ buy organics once a week. Part 3: Discussion of competiton (raw foods market and any othen) Raw Food Competitors: One Lucky Duck The Raw Choice Blessing's Go Raw Part 4: SWOT analysis Strengths: -attractive and environmentally friendly packaging -tastes good (in relation to other organic products) -compelling brand story -products are filling and will appeal to the energy food market -products are packaged for convenience on-the-go -brand has a personal feel Weaknesses: -disconnect between the brand story and brand name (2 nd mom?) -tag line is overkill (Good for you, good for the planet, kids love it too) -Current stickiness of product and the way the packaging is designed makes it challenging to eat conveniently -Small scale production means will limit ability to grow market
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Opportunities: -US trend toward healthy eating & lifestyles -nearly Y4of American shoppers buy organics lx/week -total grocery sales are expected to grow 12.5% by 2009, approaching $909.1 billion -organic/natural market is growing 8x as fast as the conventional market - sales expected to be over $32 billion by 2009 -growth in the organic grains category is expected to be 15.7% (on average) per year for
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