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Branding and Positioning - Two Mo •• Project Week of 11/12 (Wednesday, Friday) and Fall Break Wednesday Todayyoushould workin groupsto accomplishfourthlngs: 1. Start to discuss the brand valuesfor2 Moms. This should be based on the work we did for Dove. In case you have forgotten this, it was: Write a core brand purpose statement using the idea of the commander's intent. Write a definitive statementthe brand. Write three value statementsthat reinforce this purpose. Tell me whyyou believe this. The format for this is: Brand Core Purpose statement: Three core brand values: Rationale: ({~:·)Ov. ..L . . .';.:4,\1. .. (AIl,- -Jr.Brand purpose: How is the world a better place as a consequence of the S{,~ " H ~i(('"ck I brand? The purpose of strong brandsisnotaboutprofit. Lee Clowisquoted as \\ saying, " The Body Shop and are good examples of brandsthatsay 'we're notJust here to make money. We're here because we thinkthere'ssomething we can contribute to the world .!t by doing our business the way we do it" 4-Brand value Values need to reinforce purpose. Values are about behavior and personality traits. Consumers chose brands with values that match
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Unformatted text preview: their own (or their desired). For example: The Body Shop values are: a. Social Responsibility b. Environmental protection c. Anim al Prote ctlon Develop a brand personality by discussing the brand personality options in the attached. Think about the personality of Shari, the brand, the type of product/consumer and the competitive brands. Whatis honest yet distln ctive?-3. Develop a sensory analysis. What are the sensory components of the brand? How strong Is each. Ma p them out of the attached sensogram. Friday and over break Consumer Analysis Determine the core target for 2 Moms. Decide this using the discussion we had re g ardin g dlffere nt targ etin g te c hniq ues (b ehavloral, life eve nl;a nd Interests). Use the research studies you were given to analyze the potential targets-:-Write a description of th e p erfe ct 2 Moms user. Use yo u cre ativity an d im a gin atio n for this....
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