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AE#2 (2)

AE#2 (2) - IR 210 Professor Lamy Analytical Exercise#2 Wan...

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IR 210 Professor Lamy Analytical Exercise #2 Wan Na Tai 9/16/2008 1a) Quentin, Michel, (2007), “Critical Reflations on the Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons”, Nuclear Law Bulletin , 2007/2: p.21 b) Adebanwi, Wale, (2008), “The Cult of two: The political life of a dead leader”, Modern African Studies , 46(3): p.335 c) Fligstein, Neil, (2008), “National characteristics, European”, Euroclash , Oxford Press d) Jian, Li, (2008), “Economic Costs of Serious illness in Rural Southwest China: Household Coping, Strategies and Health Policy Implications”, Human Organization , 67(2): p.151 e) Haggard, Stephen, Noland, Marcus, (2008), “North Korea’s foreign economic relations”, International Relations of Asia- Pacific , 8(2): p.219 f) Hoddinott John, Cohen Marc J., Barrett Christopher B., (2008), “Renegotiating the Food Aid Convention: Background, Context, and Issues”, Global governance , 14(3): p.283 g) Adair, Stephen, (1996), “The Ideological limits of new social movements: the rise and fall of the Clamshell Alliance”, Mainstream(s) and margins: cultural politics in the 90s , no.367 2a) Bowler, Neil, (2002), “The war on terror”, The Economist , p.23 b) Rosenthal, Andrew, (1988), “A Foreign Policy View That Goes Beyond East vs. West”, The New York Times c) Wroughton, Leslie, (2008), “AU dismisses worry over Zimbabwe with Mbeki gone”, Washington pos t 3a) Smith, Pamela Ann, (2008), “Energy alternative”, The Middle East , Issue 392: p.36 b) (2008), “India and pollution- up to their necks in it”, The Economist , p.49
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4a) SM- (2007), “Media Stakeout with Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Subjects: Sudan, U.N. Reform, Iraq, Lebanon”, Federal News Service ST- (2007), “UN: New Secretary-General Pushes Ahead With Reforms”, Radio Free Europe SR- (2006), “Reform of UN peacekeeping urged”, BCC b) SM- (2008), “Christopher Hitchens on 'This American Moment”, National Public Radio ST-(2007), “Biden: We must act on Darfur”, CNN SR- (2008), “U.S. Envoy Hopeful of More Darfur Peacekeepers”, ABC c) SM- (2008), “ 'Special Report' Panel on Congressional Reception to 'Paulson Plan'”, FOX SR- (2008), “World Tonight”, Radio 4 ST- (2007), “Paul: American Empire”, CBS 5d) the emergence of China as a global power 3 primary sources: a) An, Lu, (2008), FM: Premier Wen elaborates China's policies of reform, development
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AE#2 (2) - IR 210 Professor Lamy Analytical Exercise#2 Wan...

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