poly sci #3 - Baesemann 1 Ryan Baesemann Professor M.M....

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Baesemann 1 Ryan Baesemann Professor M.M. Eskandari Political Science 101 SBCC 10 March 2009 Paper Assignment 3 The entitlements provided by the Bill of Rights were included in the Constitution to protect an individual’s independence. Although these amendments were provided to define our rights, these liberties were in most cases indistinct and susceptible to exploitation and encroachment. Barron v. Baltimore concerns the issue of just reimbursement for the consumption of private property for public benefit, which encompasses the Fifth Amendment’s eminent domain. Even though the Fifth Amendment was revised to include the Takings Clause, which allowed for “just compensation” of property, these rights did not extend to the state. Similarly, the Fourteenth Amendment was vague in nature because the Equal Protection Clause was manipulated to allow for “separate but equal” facilities in public areas in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson. However, Brown v. Board of Education, which confirmed that separate facilities were not innately equal, later overruled Plessy v. Ferguson. These court cases are prime examples of the potential of personal liberty and its vast influence in government. Barron v. Baltimore concerned the city of Baltimore’s responsibility for the recovery of damages done to the wharf owned by Craig & Barron in the eastern section of Baltimore, which had access to the deepest water in the harbor. The Mayor and City Counsel used their power to assume corporate authority over the harbor, authorizing the grading and pavement of streets; necessary for which was an aversion of certain streams, specifically the Patapsco River, into the harbor, causing sediment deposits in front of the wharf leaving its waters
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poly sci #3 - Baesemann 1 Ryan Baesemann Professor M.M....

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