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#3 Global Warming - Global Warming 5 Facts By George...

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Unformatted text preview: Global Warming - 5 Facts By George Christodoulou Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=George_Christodoulou Global warming is happening and some people still think it’s not happening which is just fine, but even they have to admit the climate is changing. The planet constantly altering, we have to decide what we will do to adapt. Animals and plants are already changing the way they act by blooming and migrating sooner. With technology constantly changing, new variables are added to this equation of global warming that pessimistic scientists must take into consideration before they doom the planet. Now, for all those skeptics who think global warming doesn’t exist, here are 5 facts about global warming. 1. The Planets temperature has increased and average of 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.6 of a degree Celsius) in the last 100 years. With the increase in green house gasses, the suns rays stay trapped and increase the world’s temperature. It is predicted that the temperature will increase in coming years because more and more of the temperature....
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