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Final Report The main purpose of this system was to make our shareholders (9the drivers of Tucson) happy by minimizing the congestion on Speedway Blvd. between the intersections of Euclid Ave. and Campbell Ave. To do this we modeled three separate systems in MatLab Similink. The traffic demand on Speedway was determined by traffic studies, one study for AM and one for PM. These studies showed data for the flow of traffic every 15 minutes for each lane in each intersection. Our models attempted to minimize the queuing time of vehicles at the intersection by maximizing the throughput of the vehicles. A larger through put results in a smaller queue which results in a smaller waiting time for cars. The end result is a happier driver. The system requirements were defined by defining the input/output functional requirements, the technology requirements, the input/output performance requirements, utilization of resource requirements, and the trade-off requirement. The trade-off requirement was very
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