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MT1 Loza W07 - 1(6 pts A weather balloon filled with helium...

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1. (6 pts) A weather balloon filled with helium has a volume of 2.5 x 10 4 L at 1.00 atm and 25.0 0 C. It rises to an altitude at which the pressure has dropped to 0.60 atm and the temperature is -20.0 0 C. What is the new volume (L) of the balloon? a) 1.2 x 10 3 L b) 3.5 x 10 4 L c) 7.2 x 10 3 L d) 4.8 x 10 4 L e) 6.8 x 10 5 L 2. (5 pts) Which of the following statements about ideal gases is true? a) Equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure contain different numbers of molecules. b) The volume of a fixed quantity of gas maintained at constant pressure is inversely proportional to temperature. c) The average kinetic energy of gas molecules is greater than the energy of attraction of gas molecules. d) Standard temperature and pressure are 25.0 o C and 1.0 atm e) In a given sample of an ideal gas, gas molecule behavior is dependent upon molecular attraction and repulsion. 3. (5 pts) Assume that you have a cylinder with a moveable piston. What temperature would be needed to increase the volume to four times the original volume while holding the pressure constant? a) T 1 = 1/2 T 2 b) T 2 = 1/4 T 1 c) T 1 = 4 T 2 d) T 2 = 4 T 1 e) There would be no change in temperature 4. (6 pts) The Goodyear blimp holds 5.12 x 10 6 liters of helium at 25.0 0 C and 1.00 atm. How many moles of helium are in the blimp? 1
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5. (6 pts) A 1.00 g sample of SF x has a volume of 199 mL at 745 mm Hg and 75 0 C. What is the value of x? (Atomic weights: S = 32.06, F = 19.00)
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