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1 Jessica Zhang February 2, 2009 ISE 3024 Data Management for IEs Spring 2009 Section T TR 12:30 P.M. Homework Assignment #1 1. Three things that must be considered in developing an effective data management solution are: a) Volume of data , which determines the number of data items needed; b) Frequency with which accessed , which determines how often the data is retrieved per time period; c) Data security requirements , which determines if access restrictions are needed. 2. Manual filing systems are comprised of a collection of file folders, each containing one or more documents of information. The data is structured by: a) Data; b) Field; c) Record Type; d) Record; e) File. Such systems are still in use today for two reasons: a) It is better for keeping a very small amount of data; b) It is useful for workers who lack sufficient computer skills. 3. INVENTORY ITE M LOCATI ON QUANTI TY A S1 14 B S4 28 C S3 15 D S1 30 E S2 5 PURCHASES ITEM UNIT COS T QUANTIT Y PUCHASE D VENDO R A 9.99 25 V3 B 1.10 60 V1 C 6.50 125 V1 D 9.99 89 V4 E 4.69 350 V6 Based on the above two files, an example of:
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2 a) A simple record retrieval is locating item A and its current quantity in the inventory; b) A single-file query involving multiple records is a question involving how many purchases were made from vendor V1; c) A cross-referenced query is searching for the unit cost of all items located in S2, in which the user must access both INVENTORY and PURCHASES files. 4.
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HW1 - 1 Jessica Zhang February 2 2009 ISE 3024 Data...

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