final - Full Name: CS 351, Spring 2008 Final Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Full Name: CS 351, Spring 2008 Final Exam Instructions: This exam is closed-book, closed-notes. You may use a calculator, if necessary. Make write your full name on the front, and make sure that your exam is not missing any sheets. Write your answers in the space provided for each problem. If you make a mess, clearly indicate your final answer. The problems are of varying difficulty. The point value of each problem is indicated. Pile up the easy points quickly and then come back to the harder problems. Good luck! 1 (8) : 2 (6) : 3 (10) : 4 (10) : 5 (8) : 6 (8) : TOTAL (50) : Page 1 of 8 Problem 1. (8 points): True/False . For each of the following statements, circle either T or F to indicate whether it is true or false. In an implicit list implementation, immediate coalescing with bound- ary tags is an O(N) operation, with N being the total number of allocated and free blocks. T F malloc and free are dynamic memory management routines imple- mented by the kernels virtual memory management unit. T F Unnamed pipes can only be used for IPC between a parent and child process, or sibling processes, and only if the pipe was created prior to the fork call that was used to create the child process(es). T F Multiple invocations of the open system call on the same file will return file descriptors that reference a shared open file description which in turn allow processes to share a single read/write position within that file. T F Problem 2. (6 points): Short Answer . Supply 1-3 sentence answers to the following questions. Please keep your expla- nations brief and to the point....
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2009 for the course CS 351 taught by Professor Saelee during the Spring '09 term at Illinois Tech.

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final - Full Name: CS 351, Spring 2008 Final Exam...

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