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Form A I BIO 301M Summer 2007 Dr. Zhao Name(pri Name(sign): EXAM 2 SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING: (2.5 points for each question) 1. The sequence of nitrogen-containing bases on one strand of DNA could determine the a. seqluence of nitrogen-containing bases in the other DNA strand. b. sequence of ami-no acids in protein. c. sequence Of nitrogen-contaj-ning bases in mRNA. d. A11 of the above choices are correct. e. sequence of amino acids in t.he mRNA. 2. A man who carries a harmful sex-linked (on the X chromosome) gene will pass the gene on to: a. All of his daughters b. Half of his daughters c. Half of his' sons d. A11 of his sons e. A11 of his children 3. If all offspring of a cross have the qenotlpe Aa, the parents of the cr'bsses would most 1i-ke1y be a. AA x aa. b. Aa x Aa. c.Aaxaa d. AA x Aa. e. none of these 4. fn Mendel's experiments, if the allel-e for tall (") plants was incompletely dominant over t.he allele for short (t) plants, what offspring would have resulted from crossing two Tt plants ? a. t/4 LaLl; L/2 intermediate height; 1,/4 short b. 1-/2 ta11; 1,/4 intermediate height; I/4 short c. 1-/4 tal-I; 1/4 intermediate height; 1"/2 short d. A11 the offspri-ng would have been tall. e. A11 the offspring would have been of intermediate height. 5. It has been found that at a certain locus of the human genome, 200 different a11eles exist in the popul-ation. Each person has at most alleles. a. 1, b- 2 c. 100 d. 20A e. 400
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6. Cleft chin is a sex-Iinked dominant trait (gene on the X " chromosome). A man with a cleft chin marries a woman with a round chin. what percent of their female progeny wilt show the cleft chin trait? ^n a, v b. 252 c. 50% , rl '1 c,*. , e. l-00* '7 . A man who carries an Y-linked I a. al1 of his children. b. half of his daughLers. c. al1 of his sons. , d. half of his sons. e- all of his daughters. allele wil-l pass it on to B. The ABO blood groups in humans are determined by a multiple allelic system in which fa and IB are codominant and are dominant to j. If
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test%202 - Form A I BIO 301M Summer 2007 Dr. Zhao Name(pri...

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