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/ I Form A BIO 301M Summer 2007 Dr. Zhao Name(print): Name(sign): EXAM 3 SELECT TIIE SINGLE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING: (2.5 points for each guestion) 1. !{hich of the following a. ecosystem b. biosPhere c. communitY d. individual e. poPulation includes all the others? 2. Which of the following is mismatched? a. oak, maple-temperate deciduous forest b: permafr-ost, melsow-1ike vegetation-tundra c. -fire-adapted plants-chaparral - --,d*_succuleat- -plants--t r op-i c a 1- - r a i n f I f e s-t 9- e. low rain faIIr cacEl--oeserls 3. The most reaspnable method of limiting human population growth is a. increasing' carrying capacity' b. decreasing birth rate. c. decreasing comPetition- d. increasing death rate e. exploiting outer space. 4. Limiting factori a. produce more pronounced effects as a population grolts. b. prevent ""tj-on from producing a ,J-shaped curve. c. can be eithei density-dependent or density-independent' d. act together in concert to form the environnental resistance to poPulation growth. e. aLl of these 5. As population density increases, the chance of increases. a. Parasitism b. Pathogens c. Predation d. comPetition e. all of these also
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I 6. 1 e A type III (goncave) survivorship curve a. monkeYs. b. elePhants. c. eagles. d. catfish. e. tigers. wflicn of the following biomes is likely n'amount of asexual reproduction (based showing the tendencY) ? a? ChaParral b: Grassland c. CoLd conifer forest d. Tundra ei Desert Four of the five answers listed below factors. Select the excePtion' a. nutrient suPPIY 'b. temPerature droP c. droqght d. volcanj-c eruPtion is characteristic of ,l the greateqt upon percent of sPebies are densitY-independent -e. -hard f,'teeze g.Fourofthefiveanswerslistedbelowarecomponentsofthe abiotic environment' Select the exception' a. soil b. rain,fa|1 c. cornPettr"tors d. temperature e. sunlight
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sample%20test%203 - I Form A BIO 301M Summer 2007 Dr Zhao...

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