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Form A BIO 301M Summer 2007 Dr. Zhao Name(print): Name(sign): EXAM 1 SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER FOR EACII OF THE FOLLOWING: (2.5 points for each question) 1. Four of the flve answers Listed below are names of kingdoms. Select the exception. a. Animal-ia h Draf i qf: a F:nfpri: d. Fungi e. P.Lantae 2. Mufticellu1ar autotrophic organisms: a. Archaebacteria b. Monera c. Pl-antae d. Fungi 6 Anim:I i: 3. One portion of the eel"I thecry staces that a. alL cells have a nucfeus. b. afl ceLfs divide bY meiosis. c. all l-iving organisms are made up of cells. d. ceLl-s arise thrclugh spontaneous generation. F- crowf h is solelw l-he re.suLt of cel-l- division. 4. These are the celLular sites for the energy production a. Golgi bodies b. ribosomes c. endoplasmic reticula d. lysosomes e. mitochondria 5. What cell organelle is found j.n plant cel-Is but NOT in animal cel-ls? a. nucfeus b. cel-L wal-l c, plasma membrane d. Golgi body e. mitochondrium 6. Which of the following correctly identify components that are the same in both plant cells and bacterial- cell-s? a. cytoplasm, nucleus, DNA' plasma membrane, ribosomes b. cytoplasm, DNA, pJ-asma membrane, ribosomes c. cytoplasm, chloropl-asts' DNA' plasma membrane d. nucfeus, DNAf mltochondria, ribosomes e. cytoplasm, central vacuole, DNA, plasma membrane, ribosomes
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1. Which are examples of prokaryotes? a. Protozoa b. Bacteria a Al aro d. Fungi e. Mosses B. The first group to exhibit an amniotic egg belonged to the a. Birds. h Amnh i hi ans. r sLLv.f *! + \ c. neptites. d. Bony fishes. e. Mammals. 9. True Fungi are characterized bY: a. Celt wal-l-s, feeding by absorption, and usually have fil-amentous bodies b. celt wal_1s, photosynthesis, and usually have filamentous bodies c. No ceIl walIs, feeding by absorption, chemosynthesis d. No
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bio301%20test%201 - Form A BIO 301M Summer 2007 Dr. Zhao...

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