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Study Guide for First Exam Econ. 2133, Spring 2009 Exam Format : Exam will include 33 multiple choice questions @ 3 points each = 100 points total. Questions will be in the style of the review questions and problems in your study guide. You must bring a “bubble sheet” (opscan form) and 1 or more #2 pencils for recording your answers. You must also have a calculator. Subject Emphasis and Study Suggestions: Chap. 4 (8 quests.) How is economic growth measured? Why/how has U.S. economic growth improved our standard of living in recent decades? How does high unemployment affect our standard of living? What is a “business cycle?” What are the two “phases” of the business cycle? What is the general focus of study in macroeconomics? How does “aggregation” help us study the macroeconomy? What three macroeconomic goals are generally agreed to be most important? Study/review recommendations: Aplia – What Macroeconomics Tries to Explain (I & II). Chap. 5
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