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Note-taking guide for INDV101 Language, Spring 2009 Mon., 1/26 When is the standard language supposedly used? (1) Real News, Real Fast (CNN Headline News Slogan) (2) Do drive as careful as you can. (University of Arizona National Public Radio Announcer) (3) It du’n work. Ya gum’ bring it with? (4) The illiteracy level of our children are appalling. Will the highways of the Internet become more few? Sometimes you misunderestimated me. (George W. Bush) What conclusions can we get from the above examples? What do they show us about who uses what varieties of English? Why do we need a standard? Illustrate how the following language examples demonstrate language change. (5) Latin (6) Standard British and Standard American English What register of language is mostly used in school?
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Unformatted text preview: What does the following example show about written language? (7) “Although it could perhaps be maintained that that You-tube video was amusing, ….” What are the differences between written and spoken language? What is the purpose of writing? What is prescriptive grammar? What is descriptive grammar? What do the following examples tell us? (8) He ain’t never comin’ back. Nor never none shall mistress of it be, save I alone (Shakespeare, Twelfth Night) He ain’t never comin’ back no more . Which is the ‘real language’ – the written language or the spoken language? Why? What are five main points of today’s lecture? Terms: Register Intonation Contraction Speech reduction Prescriptive grammar Descriptive grammar Double negative...
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3-lang-noteguide - What does the following example show...

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